SafeScrypt provides replacement of certificate subject to the following conditions

  • Replacement is allowed within 1 month from the date of Certificate Issuance (Start of certificate validity)
  • Replaced certificate validity shall start from the date of replacement and expire on the date of original certificate
  • Replaced certificate shall have new serial number but the same credentials of the subscriber. In case the original certificate was registered on some portal it has to be RE REGISTERED as replaced certificate will have a different serial number


  • Please ensure that you delete the OLD certificate already present in the Token (Follow Article “Delete Certificate“)
  • Open your SafeScrypt Enrollment Page and Select the Policy class and Click on SEARCH option. Enter the name or email ID of the subscriber and click on REPLACE

  • Once you click on REPLACE , all the subscriber details will be displayed , Enter the “Challenge Passphrase” used during original certificate enrollment. Select the CSP as “ProxKey CSP India V1.0” and Click on SUBMIT

  • You will be prompted to enter the TOKEN USER PIN. Kindly enter the USER PIN and click OK
  • Certificate Replacement will be initiated and downloading of NEW CERTIFICATE in token will start. You will get a success message “Certificate Installed Successfully” once done

To check if your certificate has been properly installed int he token follow article “Check Certificate in token”