This article will explain you how to configure Mantra MFS 100 for Safescrypt Aadhar based digital signature enrollment on Java based model.

You will need the following requisites software

Steps to be followed

-Internet Explorer Configuration

  • Go to Tools –> Internet Options (Keyboard Shortcut Alt + X and then Press “O”)
  • Go to “Security” Tab , Select Internet and click on Custom Level

  • Under the “Active X Control and Plugins , mark the following options as “Enable”


– JAVA Configuration

  • Remove all previous version of Java & Install the latest version from here. Ensure that you are installing 32 bits Java even if your PC has 64 bit Windows
  • Go to control panel and look for “Configure Java” option. If you are unable to locate just search with the text “Configure Java” at the right hand side
  • Java Control Panel will open. Now go to security  –> Edit site list –> Add under the location –> Click on Add

  • Go to Advanced Tab –> Look for “Advance Security Settings” –> untick / remove tick mark from “Use SSL 2.0”

– SafeScrypt Enrollment Page

  • Open the SafeScrypt Aadhar Enrollment Page
  • If there is any Pop Up to allow Addon or Install Active X then click on allow/Install

  • Select API Type as “API 1.6”
  • Use “Mantra Java – Based” option only to capture finger print

  • Allow all Java Prompts

  • Once this configuration is done, device will be activated indicated by a RED LIGHT on the optical sensor. Place the finder on the sensor and the Finger print is captured