This article explain how RA / CA / IT admin of the organization can unlock USER PIN of the digital signature in ProxKey token in the event the USER forgets his USER PIN

When the user forgets the user pin, token middle ware allows 15 attempts to enter the correct pin. After 15 unsuccessful attempts the user pin cannot be reset / unlocked even with the ADMIN PIN. In such a case the token needs to be formatted and all DSC in the token will get erased.

Following are the steps involved in unlock of USER PIN by the CA / RA / IT Admin

  • Token middleware interface will open

  • Press CRTL + ALT + W to see the ADMIN menu

  • Click on “Unlock User PIN” & enter the ADMIN PIN on the right hand side and click on unlock

  • You will get a  message “Unlocking the user pin successful”. Now click on OK

  • You will be prompted to set NEW USER PIN. Enter the user pin of 6-32 characters and click on OK

You are now done with setup of the new USER PIN. The new USER PIN recently set can now be used for digital signature