MCA Portal

MCA Common Errors

Important steps involved in MCA Filings are digital signature registration (role check), PDF E form Signing and finally uploading the digitally signed E Forms on the portal. While performing these steps , users may face technical problems/ errors at any other this stages due to incompatible software version.. This articles lists all such common error […]

E Form File Size Increase

MCA accepts most of the filings through PDF E Forms digitally signed by the authorized persons. All attachments are included in the E Forms before filings with MCA. The size of the E Forms with attachment should not exceed 5 MB to file on the MCA portal. However it is observed that in most cases […]

System Requirement for MCA

The web portal for the Ministry of Corporate Affairs is, which facilitates various statutory filings for companies/LLPs registered or to be registered in India. The digital signature is mandatory for online e-forms, which are used for filing on the Portal The MCA portal requires a digital signature to be registered on the portal before […]