This article will help you to delete your digital signature certificate from ProxKey USB Token. Your digital signature is stored in a secured container in the token chip. Once you delete the certificate from the token it cannot be restored.

Following are the steps involved in deleting the certificate from token

  • Connect the token , locate “WD ProxKey” Icon on the desktop and double click on it to launch the token management utility

  • Click on “CERTIFICATE” Option . All the certificates stored in the token will be listed under ” USER CERTIFICATE” . Signle click on any of the certificate to SELECT the certificate.

  • You will be prompted to enter your token USER PIN. Enter the USER PIN and click ‘OK’

  • You will get notification ‘ Delete Certificate Success’. Click on OK

  • Once certificate is DELETED, token management utility will show a BLANK screen under the CERTIFICATE option

If you want to import a new certificate or download a new certificate follow our relevant article from the knowledge base